Anniversary of Metis Settlements Legislation

Indigenous Relations Minister Richard Feehan issued the following statement celebrating the 27th anniversary of the passing of legislation resulting in land and self- governance for those living on Metis Settlements:

“Alberta is committed to the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This means we are also committed to making life better for Metis people, by ensuring they are recognized, their voices are heard, and they have the tools they need to succeed.

“On Nov. 1, 1990, a legislative package was proclaimed and included the Constitution of Alberta Amendment ActMetis Settlements Land Protection ActMetis Settlements Act, and Metis Settlements Accord Implementation Act. Together these acts established a unique law-making authority for the eight Metis Settlements and a self-governance regime for the Metis people in the province.

“Alberta also transferred the title of 1.25 million acres of land to the Metis Settlements, making Alberta the only province in Canada with a recognized Metis land base entrenched in provincial statute, ensuring that Metis people in Alberta will always have a land base to call home.

“Alberta has a strong connection with the Metis people, and the province continues to be made richer through their influence, contributions, traditions and heritage.

“We are working with the Metis Settlements General Council on initiatives such as the Indigenous climate leadership programs, which help settlements create jobs, lower energy costs, and transition to a greener economy. We are also working with the council to implement Alberta’s first-ever Metis Settlements Consultation Policy.

“As we continue to work together toward reconciliation, commemoration of important milestones such as the proclamation of the Metis Settlements Act enables Albertans to learn more about our province’s past and how we can build even stronger relationships with the Metis people.

“I invite all Albertans to participate in celebrations during Metis Week, Nov. 13-18.”