Andrew Scheer Issues Statement on Saskatchewan Carbon Tax Ruling

Ottawa, ON – The Honourable Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition, issued the following statement regarding the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal’s decision today:

“I agree with Justices Neal Caldwell and Ralph Ottenbreit that it is ‘repugnant for Parliament to exercise its power’ in this way.

“Saskatchewanians, along with Canadians from coast to coast, have clearly said no to Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax.  The Governments of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick are all fighting the Liberals’ tax grab in court, and I look forward to having Alberta Premier Jason Kenney join that fight soon.

“Justin Trudeau pretends he has a plan for climate change and that his Carbon Tax will achieve Canada’s emissions reductions targets under the Paris Accord.  But his own government’s figures confirm that isn’t true.  The Liberal Carbon Tax isn’t a plan to lower emissions, it’s just another cash grab which is hurting already over taxed Canadians. 

“According to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, big polluters will pay only 8% of the total revenue collected by the Liberal Carbon Tax, leaving the remaining 92% for families and small businesses to pay through higher gas, grocery, and home heating costs.

“The good news is that after October 21st, provinces will no longer have to fight the Liberal Carbon Tax in court.  My first action as Prime Minister will be to scrap Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax and help Canadians get ahead.

“I also look forward to presenting Canadians with a real environmental plan this spring that will lower global emissions without making Canadians pay more.”