Ancient Pyramid Discovered in the Caribbean

Island Pyramid (CNW Group/Raymond Julien)
Island Pyramid (CNW Group/Raymond Julien)

TORONTO /CNW/ – Amateur archaeologist Raymond Julien finds an Egyptian-style pyramid sticking out of the ocean. The island pyramid is covered in tropical trees and lava. The trees covering the island reveal the shape of something hidden underneath, resembling the outline of a pyramid with 40 degree angles on each side. Having visited the island last March, the pyramid is colossal and sticks out of the ocean like the top of a giant obelisk. It doesn’t follow the pattern of rolling hills like the rest of the nearby landscape. “It’s an oddity, to say the least. Mother Nature doesn’t make volcanic islands in the shape of pyramids,” said Julien.

In my opinion, this is evidence of the lost civilization of Atlantis. It falls into place with all the mythology about Atlantis. First, there is evidence of volcanic activity. This fits with the philosopher Plato’s story of Atlantis’ destruction by volcanic eruption and earthquakes.Plato also said that Atlantis was beyond the Pillar of Hercules and was over 9000 years before his time. In this case, the Pillar of Hercules is the Strait of Gilbraltar and beyond that is the Atlantic Ocean. The best evidence of all is the fact that the pyramid is half submerged in the Atlantic ocean, making it at least 12,500 years old. Evidently, the pyramid was once above water, prior to the last ice age meltdown around 12,500 years ago. No other existing civilization 12,500 years ago fills the gap in history, except one: Atlantis!

I’m really looking for some kind of corporate funding, sponsorships or donations. The visual evidence alone is worth further investigating as this could be a truly tremendous find. We don’t have to spend millions of dollars in underwater equipment to get access to the deep ocean depths to look for traces of Atlantis as it is now more accessible with this discovery. This was probably one of the ancient high grounds of the lost continent of Atlantis that is still partially sticking out of the ocean and for that reason, a lot more accessible to excavate without all of the costly funding required for underwater equipment.

The pyramid is called Sugarloaf Island and is situated on the northern tip of Grenada in the Caribbean.

SOURCE Raymond Julien