An Unnecessary but Expected $28 Million Election

07 April 2015

Calgary, AB – As expected Jim Prentice dropped the writ this morning for an election that will cost Alberta taxpayers an estimated $28 million.

“The PC’s introduced a budget that raises taxes on ordinary families but cuts their kids’ education and their family’s health care. The Alberta Party has a better way and our candidates across the province are ready,” said Alberta Party leader Greg Clark.

“Jim Prentice said during his leadership run that there would be no election until 2016,” said Clark. “After decimating the Official Opposition he’s decided now is the best chance to win yet another PC majority.

“This election is nothing more than the usual PC political opportunism,” added Clark. “I’ve been on the doors for the last six weeks in Calgary-Elbow and I am confident that this will be Prentice’s spring of discontent.”

“Jim Prentice is hoping for the lowest voter turnout in Alberta history because he thinks it will give him an advantage. I believe Albertans will step up and show Prentice who’s really in charge.”

Clark said the Alberta Party will run a strong campaign and will give as many Albertans as possible a balanced political option that’s in tune with modern Alberta.

“We know there are no shortcuts to building a political party,” said Clark. “We will work hard to earn the trust of Albertans and provide a strong opposition after this election and give Albertans better government after the next election.”

“I’m confident we will elect our first Alberta Party MLAs in 2015 and build from there.”

(Alberta Party)