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Amazing Brain Hack for Getting Highest Test Grades with the Least Effort and Time

By Mohamed Hesham
A simple yet powerful trick provided by a top-ranking college student:
-Before you start studying, pick a familiar old song you haven’t listened to for a long time
-listen to the song for a couple of times. Focus on recalling the lyrics/music. This will help stimulate your brain memory.
-Study for not more than 2-4 hours and take breaks (study smart not study hard)
-After you finish studying, listen to the same song again. (use only one song at a time, don’t listen to many different ones )
-For bonus effect: try listening to the song before entering the test.This rewires the brain to retain what you studied earlier.
Here are some random old songs which may tickle your memory:
Mr president- Coco jambo
Eminem- Without me
Akon- Smack that
Lil Wayne- Lollipop
Lady gaga- Poker face
Basshunter- Now you’re gone
Blue- Bubblin’
David guetta- Love is gone


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