AMA: Summer Safety

AMA: Summer Safety

Speeding: It’s looking to be the summer of the Alberta road trip! But a new CAA poll finds 46% of Albertans have seen an increase in speeding in recent months, placing it well ahead of other risky driving activities (e.g. aggressive driving and driver inattention). Going back to at least 2013, this is the first time that speeding has cracked motorists’ Top 5 concerns about escalations in risky driving behaviours. AMA’s safety experts can discuss the problem and its implications on our roads.

Grilling: There’s nothing like a barbecue to make it feel like summer. But July is also the peak month for grill fires, making this a key time for a refresher on barbecue safety. AMA Insurance experts can share tips to protect Alberta homeowners from residential fires, ensuring the only flames are the ones searing your steak.

Travelling: If you travel to another province and contract COVID-19, will Alberta Health Care cover you? What kind of additional insurance is needed when you cross provincial borders? And will that insurance cover you for COVID-19? Coverage varies by insurer, so it’s important to ask the right questions before you go. Our travel insurance experts can share their top tips for Albertans planning interprovincial travel.

Road-Tripping: Hitting the highway? Don’t just prepare for the destination; prepare for the journey. A thorough vehicle checkup can save drivers from getting stranded, interrupting a well-earned summer vacation. Our tow truck operators can provide essential safety and maintenance tips for getting vehicles ready for a road trip.About AMA

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