Alberta’s First Craft Distillery Launches Three Point Vodka and Invites Consumers to Taste the Difference

Eau Claire Distillery Releases First-Batch to Select Stores

Three Point Vodka - Alberta Eau Claire DistilleryTurner Valley, Alberta – July 2, 2014 – On the eve of launching its first offering, ‘Taste the difference’ is the message from Alberta’s first craft distillery. Three Point Vodka, the debut offering by Eau Claire Distillery, is the first product to be released from the pioneering distillery’s family of products. The premium vodka will be available in select Calgary stores before being rolled out province-wide.

Made using Rocky Mountain water and locally sourced grains harvested from farms in Southern Alberta, Three Point Vodka sets the bar to be included among Canada’s most premium spirits. Produced and bottled in the building that once housed Turner Valley’s only movie theatre, Three Point is handcrafted in small batches; its distinguishing character a testament to the traditional artisanal methods and ‘farm-to-glass’ philosophy practiced by Eau Claire.

“Today’s consumer cares about how their spirit was produced, meaning our craft niche appeals to a discriminating crowd,” says Distillery President and Founder, David Farran. “We are confident the next revolutionary beverage-community movement will be artisanal, small-batch craft spirits. Three Point is designed to be the instinctive choice for discerning vodka connoisseurs to enjoy in a martini, with their favourite mix, or simply on its own.”

Named after Three Point Creek, a tributary of the Sheep River that runs through Farran’s land northwest of Turner Valley, the grain for Three Point Vodka comes from local farms.

The two row barley produced in Southern Alberta, was identified by Eau Claire’s Master Distiller Larry Kerwin as the perfect composition for a smooth, premium vodka.

“Like good wine, spirits reflect the nature of the ingredients used in their production”, says Kerwin. “Natural ingredients translate into superior taste and with Three Point that unique flavour shines through.”

Traceability of ingredients along with complete transparency about producers and practices are among the founding principles of Eau Claire, a name which itself means ‘clear water’.
“The flavor is smooth with a moderate soft finish and notes of vanilla and cocoa, while the sweet aroma has hints of caramel and grain,” says Farran.

“In blind tastings as part of focus groups, Three Point was consistently chosen as the favourite among expert testers who complimented its earthy, vanilla tones and distinctive lingering taste.”

The Three Point vodka bottle depicts a classic Canadian social scene, skating on a frozen creek around a May pole. Its strap line; ‘Wherever social animals roam.’

“As Alberta’s first small batch craft distillery, we are aiming the Eau Claire Distillery product and brand at an audience who demands authenticity, individuality, premium quality and an element of exclusivity. The same consumers who value microbreweries, local food sourcing and artisan products,” says Farran.

As part of its introduction into the Calgary and eventually Alberta market and beyond, Eau Claire Distillery promises to deliver high-quality product to the retailers, restaurants, and organizations it partners with.

First-batch bottles of Three Point Vodka from Eau Claire Distillery will be available at:

  • Vine Arts Wine and Spirits, Calgary
  • Valley Liquor, Turner Valley
  • Sundance Wine Market, Calgary
  • Highlander Wine & Spirits, Calgary
  • Buchanan’s Chop House & Whiskey Bar, Calgary
  • Willow Park Liquor Store, Calgary
  • Coach and Horses Ale Room, Calgary
  • J Webb Wine Merchant, Calgary
  • Westhills Grapes and Grains, Calgary
  • Zyn the Wine Market, Calgary
  • Kensington Liquor Cellar, Calgary
  • Kensington Wine Market, Calgary

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About Eau Claire Distillery

Eau Claire - AboutDevoted to hand-crafted, artisanal and fine sipping spirits, Eau Claire Distillery is Alberta’s original craft distillery located in Turner Valley, not far from Calgary. Born out of the founder’s quest to honour Alberta’s riches of the land and set the bar for Canada’s most premium spirits, every small batch from Eau Claire Distillery will be personally tended for perfection, from seed to sip. Eau Claire Distillery uses locally-farmed ingredients — including grain and potatoes — plus clear water from nearby Rocky Mountains. Summer 2014 marks its first-batch release. Find out more at