Albertans Welcome Short Term Commitments, but should be given long term solutions


Edmonton, AB – Yesterday, the new NDP government announced they would restore education funding and fund enrollment growth for the 2015/16 school year at a cost of $103 million. Additionally, the Premier has reversed the decision to close the Calgary Young Offender Centre.

“These announcements made by the new government do not come as a surprise, as they are quick deliverables on campaign promises.” Interim PC Leader, Ric McIver said.

“While we anticipated today’s announcements, we noted with concern the Premier’s comments regarding her future plans. The vague answers around funding for private and independent schools leaves Alberta’s parents uncertain about the future of their children’s education options. Our caucus will remain as staunch defenders of parental choice in how they educate their children and of funding to support that choice.”

The Progressive Conservative Caucus will work hard to ensure this new government provides Albertans with their long term strategy on the issues most important to them. Our Caucus believes in parental choice in education, and Premier Notley should be clear of her intentions for all forms of education that have been a part of our education system’s renowned success.