Alberta Young Speakers for Agriculture Announces Winners for First Annual Competition

MD of Foothills Resident Emily Ritchie Wins Senior Division

CALGARY – Youth competitors from across Alberta spoke in the first annual Alberta Young Speakers for Agriculture competition last week at the Calgary Stampede. The competition hosted more than 20 Albertan youth ages 11-24 who presented a prepared speech on an agricultural topic.

“We were excited to host our first annual AYSA competition and the quality of the speeches from all competitors was tremendous,” said Eric Dalke, AYSA founder. “The passion shown by the youth competitors was first-class and the Calgary Stampede was the perfect venue for our inaugural event.”

Emily Ritchie, Senior winner
Emily Ritchie, Senior winner

The senior winner, Emily Ritchie of Turner Valley, Alta., spoke on the topic of how to explain a GMO to a non-farmer. Junior winner Aleri Swalwell of Strathmore, Alta., spoke on how we can improve the media’s perception of Canadian agriculture. Both winners will represent Alberta in Toronto at the Royal Winter Fair in the Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture in November.

Aleria Swalwell, Junior winner
Aleria Swalwell, Junior winner

“The agricultural industry in Canada and Alberta is in good hands with these young leaders at the forefront,” said Dalke. “We look forward to sending Emily and Aleri to Toronto to represent Alberta at the Royal Winter Fair.”

Competitors in Alberta Young Speakers for Agriculture spoke on the following topics:

  • What is the impact of public opinion on Canadian farmers?
  • How would you explain a GMO to a non-farmer?
  • What does the next generation of agriculture bring to the table?
  • How can we improve the media’s perception of Canadian agriculture?
  • Old MacDonald had a farm … But what about Mrs. MacDonald?

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