Alberta To Head to the Polls

Premier Prentice has called an election for May 5th, one year early.

Are you ready?

Political Party Party Leader As of ( Seats Occupied Seats Occupied by Women Percentage of Women
Progressive Conservative Party Prentice, Jim 2014.09.06 70 19 27.14%
Wildrose Alliance Party Jean, Brian 2015.03.28 5 1 20.00%
Liberal Party Swann, David (Acting) 2015.02.01 5 1 20.00%
New Democratic Party Notley, Rachel 2014.10.19 4 1 25.00%
Vacancy 2 0 0.00%
Independent 1 0 0.00%

PC Alberta:

Alberta is at a turning point.

A collapse in oil prices and $7 billion deficit have highlighted problems in the way our public finances are run. We have been using energy dollars to pay for our day-to-day expenses. This approach is unpredictable and, frankly, unsustainable.

Spending and expenses have gone up. Revenues have gone down. And we aren’t putting money into savings. Any family or business knows you can’t operate like that for long.

But there are those in opposition who say we should keep going, keep increasing spending – without telling us where the money would come from. They want to increase the cost of doing business, something that will only drive jobs out of Alberta to other provinces and states.

On the other side, there are those who believe we should fix the problem with cuts alone. But they won’t say where those cuts would be made or consider the impact that would have on the front-line services and workers we depend on.

The Prentice Team has a plan that will break the boom and bust cycle once and for all. It’s a balanced approach that takes immediate and long-term action to protect Alberta jobs, reduce government spending, find stable revenue for our public services and save more oil revenue for the future.

Only Jim Prentice has been clear about what it will take to get our province back on track.

On May 5th, Albertans have a choice to make. It’s time to choose Alberta’s future.