Alberta Supports Veterans’ Transition to New Jobs

Veterans - AB GovtThe Alberta Government joins Manitoba and Ontario in recognizing Department of National Defence (DND) training and testing requirements.

This agreement will allow current and retired Canadian Forces members to operate commercial vehicles without additional testing. Previously, military veterans were unable to transfer their credentials when they left their military careers.

This agreement allows conversion from the DND 404 licence to Alberta driver’s licence classes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, allowing applicants to drive semi-tractors, large trucks, buses and limousines, thereby addressing labour shortages in the commercial trucking industry.

“I am proud that we are helping those who have sacrificed so much for Albertans make an easier transition to new, well-paying jobs. This will help veterans move into civilian life and increase economic stability for veterans and their families.”

~ Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

“The trucking industry is proud of the government’s efforts to support our troops after their term of service with the Department of National Defence. As the industry faces a shortage of experienced and qualified professionals, we welcome the opportunity to provide employment to these former members of the military. We would like to thank Rosenau Transport for their support showcasing the ‘Support Our Troops’ tractor-trailer for this event.”

~ Dan Duckering, Chairman, Alberta Motor Transport Association Board of Directors

“I’m very pleased that Alberta has joined with a growing coalition of Provinces in providing civilian commercial accreditation for the equivalent military driver qualifications provided by the Department of National Defence. This important step will provide many serving Reservists, transitioning military personnel, and recently retired vets with a marketable qualification and terrific new career opportunities in the commercial trucking industry.”

~ Gregory C.P. Matte, Executive Director Helmets to Hardhats

Licensing Facts

  • Since the agreement was signed on June 18, two retired and 47 active members of the Canadian Armed Forces have applied. Of those, more than two-thirds have transitioned to Alberta driver’s licences.
  • Class 4 licences (Professional) allow users to drive a taxi, ambulance, a bus that seats fewer than 25 passengers and all vehicles covered under Class 5 (standard driver’s licence).
  • Class 3 licences (Non-professional) allow users to drive vehicles with three or more axles as long as the trailer is not equipped with air brakes, as well a taxi, ambulance, a bus without passengers, and all vehicles covered under Class 5.
  • Class 2 licences allow users to drive all vehicles covered under Classes 3, 4 or 5, as well as buses with more than 25 passengers.
  • Class 1 licences allow users to drive any motor vehicle other than a motorcycle.
  • There are 347,111 drivers with Class 1, 2, 3, or 4 licences in Alberta as of January 1, 2015.