Alberta Students Continue to Excel in Science

National and provincial tests reveal Alberta students are demonstrating a high level of achievement in science and performing strongly in other key subject areas.

According to the latest national results, Alberta students achieved the highest marks in the country in science, second highest in reading, and third highest in math. Provincial assessments also indicate more high school students have been achieving excellence in physics, chemistry, and biology over the past several years.

“We’re encouraged by the high level of achievement and interest our students are demonstrating in a core subject such as science. Scientific literacy is vital to ensuring our students are able to succeed in a knowledge-driven society.”

~ Gordon Dirks, Minister of Education

More high school students are also attaining the standard of excellence on English language arts 30-1 and 30-2 diploma exams. The number of students achieving excellence on Grade 6 and 9 English language arts increased slightly over last year. Excellence refers to students who demonstrate a mastery of the core subject material.

While five years of data are needed to determine provincial trends in math, national results indicate Alberta students are on par with the Canadian average and have improved their performance since 2010.

“Although the overall results are positive, we know that subjects such as math require ongoing attention. Strong numeracy and literacy skills are vital for young Albertans moving into post-secondary programs or the workplace, which is why we’re making these essential skills the foundation to every subject, at every grade level.”

~ Gordon Dirks, Minister of Education

Standardized tests are one way of assessing student learning and identifying strengths or areas needing improvement.

Alberta Education is currently piloting new digital Student Learning Assessments that will replace Provincial Achievement Tests. The new assessments will better identify student learning needs for teachers and parents at the start of the school year.