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Alberta Strengthens Ties with Pacific Northwest

Richard Gotfried, MLA for Calgary-Fish Creek, will represent Alberta at the upcoming economic leadership forum in Seattle, Wash. 

Alberta Strengthens Ties with Pacific Northwest

Gotfried will attend the Nov. 17-19 Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER) winter meeting on behalf of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism Minister Tanya Fir.

He will convey government’s commitment to improve market access for Alberta’s abundant and reliable energy products. Gotfried will also share Alberta’s ‘open for business’ plan to U.S. lawmakers, industry leaders, academics and other delegates in this important trading region for Alberta. Last year, bilateral trade between Alberta and the American PNWER states was more than $15 billion.

Gotfried, along with Idaho Sen. Chuck Winder and Washington State House Rep. Gael Tarleton, will provide an overview to conference participants about their respective jurisdictions’ current legislative sessions. Gotfried will also reaffirm Alberta’s support for the ratification of the Canada-United States-Mexico free trade agreement.

PNWER is a regional multilateral forum that brings together legislative, government and private-sector leaders from Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska to advance policies that promote the region’s economies.

Alberta is a founding member of PNWER and continues to play an active role on this transboundary organization.

The estimated cost of the mission for Gotfried is $2,695.

Itinerary for MLA Gotfried*

Nov. 16Travel to Seattle
Nov. 17Meetings with U.S. legislatorsParticipation at the Pacific Northwest Economic Region leadership forum
Nov. 18Participation at the Pacific Northwest Economic Region leadership forum
Nov. 19Participation at the Pacific Northwest Economic Region leadership forumTravel to Calgary

*Subject to change.

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