Alberta Stands with Farmers and Industry

The Alberta government has been notified of the temporary suspension placed on Canadian export certificates for beef and pork.

The safety and integrity of the Canadian food supply is critical to trade and the economy. Alberta farmers depend on a reliable, rules-based trading system.

“I have spoken with Minister Bibeau, the federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food as well as industry stakeholders and reinforced that the Alberta government’s priority will be to protect our famers during this difficult time.”Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

The Alberta government is supportive of Canadian and Chinese officials working together to resolve this situation as quickly as possible.

“The Premier has spoken with Bill Morneau, federal Minister of Finance, and shared our disappointment with this action and the impacts it will have on farmers.”Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry is working to ensure diverse market access and a timely resolution of this issue for Alberta farmers.

The Alberta government is working in cooperation with the federal government and fighting hard to find a resolution and get our high quality products to market.