Alberta RCMP – Your Calls Make the Difference

Alberta RCMP – Your Calls Make the Difference

Your tips, no matter how small, help the RCMP better protect you. The RCMP in Alberta encourage you to immediately report any suspicious activity, person or vehicle to police. Your call might be the one that saves a life or leads to an arrest.

On April 22nd, RCMP officers received a tip that a wanted man was at a residence 200 kilometres northeast of Edmonton. He was quickly arrested without incident and is now back in Edmonton to face charges related to an assault at an Edmonton mall which lead to the death of a local store owner.

“This individual is in custody today because someone was alert enough to notice and felt they had a duty to call police,” said Corporal Ronald Bumbry, RCMP Media Relations Officer. “These calls from members of the community are critical in keeping communities safe. Citizens know their neighbourhoods better than anyone and can tell if something or someone doesn’t belong.”

This is only the latest example of a tip leading to an arrest. Every month, the RCMP in Alberta receive hundreds of tips from citizens that help RCMP officers take the necessary action to keep Albertans safe. Their calls help disrupt criminal activity in the community, locate dangerous individuals and raise awareness of public hazards to keep the community safe.

Below is just the tip of the iceberg over the last few weeks.

Concerned citizens stop two incidents of impaired driving

Leduc RCMP responded to a complaint made by a concerned citizen after finding a child alone in a car with the driver of the vehicle in a nearby bar. Thanks to the quick thinking of alert community members, an impaired driver was prevented from taking the road and putting a child’s life in danger.

In another instance, while on patrol, a Rimbey RCMP officer was flagged down by a concerned citizen who was worried that an intoxicated individual sitting in their vehicle near the local bar may try to drive off. Thanks to this timely report, officers were able to intervene before the person left the scene to become a hazard to themselves and other drivers.  More recently, the same alert citizen contacted police about a vehicle parked in the middle of a highway with a sleeping driver inside. Police attended and found the driver to be impaired. With the vehicle seized and a license suspended, the driver will not be posing a danger on Alberta roads for quite some time.

Public tips stop car theft in progress

Based on tips from concerned citizens of a suspicious male damaging a truck, Leduc RCMP was able to stop a car theft in progress. The suspect was found in the vehicle and is now facing charges of possession of stolen property and mischief.

Acting on a tip from the public regarding a suspicious vehicle in the area, High River RCMP located and arrested three thieves suspected of robbing a store. The stolen items were recovered along with additional property believed to be stolen. The three suspects are facing charges related to theft.

Alert Neighbours Help Police Catch Robbers Red-Handed

Innisfail RCMP officers disrupted a break and enter in progress thanks to a tip from a concerned neighbour who observed suspicious activity in the area. At the residence, officers found a male inside of a truck parked outside the garage and a second male inside the garage. The suspects are facing a variety of charges related to Break and Enter, Possession of a Controlled Substance and Breach of Recognizance.