Alberta RCMP Updates Data and Innovation Web Page

Edmonton – As part of our continued commitment to community engagement, transparency and accountability, the Alberta RCMP launched the Data and Innovation web page in April of this year. Statistics are uploaded on a quarterly basis. The second quarter updates are now available online and include selected property crime statistics at the detachment level. The web page highlights key crime statistics and information on crime reduction policing initiatives across Alberta.

With this new update to the Data and Innovation web page, Albertans have clear oversight of what is happening in their communities.


“A dynamic, provincially coordinated crime reduction program, supported by intelligence shared with our law enforcement and government partners, will reduce calls for service and decrease crime – keeping Albertans safe. In addition to advancements in our policing initiatives, we are committed to being transparent and inclusive with the citizens we serve.”

– Superintendent Peter Tewfik, Officer in Charge, Alberta RCMP Crime Reduction Strategy

Quick facts

·         Citizens also have access to the Alberta RCMP Crime Map, available at, through participating municipal web pages, or by searching Alberta RCMP Crime Map in your search engine. The Crime Map provides a closer look at criminal activity in a neighbourhood.

·         The Alberta RCMP Crime Map was launched mid-2018 and has had nearly 2.4 million views.

·         In support of the Alberta RCMP Crime Reduction Strategy, various initiatives have been implemented including the creation of rural Crime Reduction Units across the province, Project Lock-Up, #WantedWednesday and now, the Data and Innovation web page.

·         The “K” Division Crime Reduction Strategy is a targeted, evidence based approach to policing. This model enables police to identify repeat offenders, conduct targeted enforcement initiatives and to address the root causes of crime. This method of policing is used in several countries across the world and has had proven success.