Alberta RCMP Share Trip Tips

Alberta RCMP Share Trip Tips

January was the second highest month for mail theft in 2018? If you’re planning to be away, have someone check your mail or suspend delivery until you get back.

Ask someone you trust to check on your abode if you plan to travel around the globe. It’s even better if they are the neighbours down the road.

If you see something suspicious after getting home from your trips, please call the police because we like to get tips.

Have someone shovel your driveway if you’re going to be on a holiday. Don’t announce to the neighbourhood that you’re away.

Going on a vacation? Don’t post selfies that show your location. Thieves might see you’re away, so resist the temptation!

Going on a trip is exciting so make your property, to thieves, uninviting. Consider installing timers for your lighting.

Make your house hostile not a hostel. Be sure to lock all your windows and doors if you’re leaving on a trip.

Don’t make it easy for a criminal to escape while you’re on your great escape. Consider installing a home security system to deter thieves.