Alberta RCMP Remind Drivers to Not Leave Vehicle Idling and Unoccupied

Alberta RCMP remind drivers to not leave vehicle idling and unoccupied

Edmonton – Alberta RCMP remind drivers not to leave their vehicles idling while unoccupied. When the temperature drops, police see an increase in stolen vehicle incidents while leaving them unoccupied. 

Alberta RCMP have estimated that about 33% of all vehicle thefts occurred while the vehicle was idling and unoccupied. Vehicle thefts of this kind are crimes of opportunity and are completely preventable.

RCMP have the following safety tips to keep your vehicle secure, not only in the winter but the warmer months as well:

·         Never leave an idling vehicle unoccupied, even when it is locked.

·         Use a remote starter whenever possible and keep your vehicle locked.

·         Use a steering wheel lock to deter thieves.

·         Never leave spare keys or garage door openers in or around your vehicle.

·         Never leave children or pets in an idling vehicle.

·         Report suspicious activity to police immediately by calling your local police

Alberta RCMP remind drivers to not leave vehicle idling and unoccupied

Many people believe that their vehicle isn’t going to be stolen because they live on a quiet street or are only leaving it unattended for a minute. In reality, it only takes second for someone to get into the vehicle and drive away. Stolen vehicles pose a significant risk to public safety and we need the community’s help to prevent these easy thefts.