Alberta RCMP Remind all Albertans to Always Report Suspicious Activity

Alberta RCMP - Report Suspicious Activity

Edmonton – Alberta RCMP are pleased to report that the third quarter results for 2019 continue to show an overall steady decrease in property-related crime in Alberta since 2017 (

This could not have been accomplished without the continued efforts of Albertans in securing their personal property and informing their local police of suspicious activity and criminal offences.

In the past, we’ve heard that people say they’ve noticed an increase in crime, but that they aren’t reporting the incidents. We rely on the data and intelligence you provide in your reports to know where we are needed most.

Reports of crime or suspicious activity helps us allocate our resources: your reports tell us where to look, who to look for, and where to patrol in the future.


“Your calls for service to the RCMP matter.  Being led by intelligence, like where and when crime is happening, is key to the crime reduction strategy for the Alberta RCMP. This intelligence weaves the different components of our crime reduction strategy into a shared goal of community safety: from finding the criminals that cause the most harm, finding the victims that need the most support, and collaborating with the right partners to keep Albertans safe.

– Superintendent Peter Tewfik, Officer-in-Charge of “K” Division Crime Reduction Unit

Alberta RCMP - Report Suspicious Activity

Quick Facts:

·         A report to the police is all information we can analyze and use. Times of the day, locations, and types of vehicles observed are all helpful to us.

·         We share this information with our community groups, such as Rural Crime Watch and Alberta Citizens on Patrol Associations, to help identify hotspots and vehicle we are searching for.