Alberta RCMP Reiterates Wildfire Safety Messaging

Edmonton – While various wildfires across Alberta continue to challenge firefighters, our police operations continue to be focused on keeping Albertans safe.

Due to worsening wildfire conditions, RCMP reminds motorists across Alberta to turn your headlights on, obey posted road signs and follow instructions provided by local authorities and emergency personnel.

The RCMP is ensuring the safety and security of people and property on the ground by controlling access points on the highways leading into the communities affected by wildfires and putting in place the resources necessary to mitigate criminal activities such as looting.

Anyone who chooses to ignore evacuation notices is potentially putting not only themselves in danger, but also is placing First Responders in harm’s way.

The patience and cooperation of affected people has been appreciated. During times like this, it is extremely important that residents follow instructions provided by emergency personnel.