Alberta RCMP Reiterates Commercial and Passenger Vehicle Safety Tips

Edmonton – In the summertime, there are more trucks, tractor-trailers and buses on Alberta roads. This greater mix of vehicles increases the risk of commercial and passenger vehicle collisions.

Alberta RCMP encourages you to practice the following traffic safety tips.

Drivers of passenger vehicles: Make sure to stay far enough behind big trucks to see both side mirrors on the truck. (Alberta Transportation 2015)

Drivers of commercial vehicles: Maintain a large following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. (Alberta Transportation 2009, 2015)

Cyclists: Motorists and cyclists need to give each other a safe space to operate in.

Construction zones pose their own set of risks. Obey all signs, slow down, watch for road workers and be prepared to stop.

Riders of all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and other off-highway vehicles (OHV): Make sure you always wear proper safety gear and use age-appropriate ATVs.

“Every road user has a part to play in ensuring their own traffic safety and that of others,” says Supt. Rick Gardner, Alberta Sheriffs. “If you drive a commercial vehicle, make sure it is always within the allowed weight limit and in good operating condition. If you drive a passenger vehicle, pay extra attention to blind spots.”

“In 2018, there were 38 fatal collisions involving semi trucks that resulted in 42 deaths in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions,” says Supt. Gary Graham, Alberta RCMP Traffic Services. “Understanding and respecting factors such as breaking distances and blind spots associated with larger commercial vehicles is critical to safe movements and destination arrivals of all road users.”

The Alberta RCMP will continue to work with Alberta Sheriffs and other law enforcement and safety partners to ensure Albertans make the right driving decisions. Follow our traffic safety tips on Facebook @RCMPinAlberta and Twitter @RCMPAlberta.