Alberta RCMP Officer Faces Criminal Charges

Alberta RCMP Officer Faces Criminal Charges

Edmonton, AB – On April 18, 2016, RCMP Constable Elliot Teed of Bow Island Detachment was charged with the following:

  • one count Sexual Assault under Section 271 of the Criminal Code
  • two counts Breach of Trust under Section 122 of the Criminal Code

Cst. Teed will make his first appearance in Medicine Hat Provincial Court on May 4, 2016.

The charges are the result of an RCMP investigation into a public complaint submitted on February 16, 2015 regarding Cst. Teed’s conduct during a traffic stop in Bow Island on February 12, 2015. Bow Island is located 328 kilometres southwest of Calgary.

It is alleged that Cst. Teed touched the complainant in a sexual manner while conducting a physical search of her person during the traffic stop.

Cst. Teed has been suspended from duty since June 2015. He will remain off-duty until the criminal charges against him are resolved. His duty status will be reviewed at that time. His suspension is standard RCMP practice and not a disciplinary measure.

An internal RCMP Code of Conduct investigation is also underway in relation to Cst. Teed’s conduct and will resume upon completion of the criminal court process.

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