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Alberta RCMP Kick-starts New Year with Intersection Safety Tips

Edmonton – As we enter into 2020, Alberta RCMP reminds drivers to maintain safe driving habits on all types of roads, including intersections, in both urban and rural areas.

Alberta RCMP urges road users to practice the following intersection safety tips:


·         Slow down as you approach an intersection, stop and check all traffic before proceeding.

·         Obey traffic signs and signals. Make a full stop at red lights and stop signs, even when turning right.

·         At a four-way stop, remember the Right of Way rule. You must yield to the vehicle on your right.

·         Use your signal when making turns. Ensure it is safe to turn left before doing so.

·         Pedestrians have the right of way in all marked or unmarked crosswalks.


·         Never jaywalk. Check traffic before crossing and only proceed when it is safe to do so.

·         Always use crosswalks and pedestrian-activated signals when they are available.

·         Don’t be a distracted pedestrian. Remove headphones; put away cell phones or other electronic devices when crossing the street.

“You should always be prepared for the unexpected at intersections: pay attention to pedestrians, changing lights, slippery road conditions and other drivers before proceeding through an intersection,” said Supt. Rick Gardner, Alberta Sheriffs. “Intersection safety entails consistently watching the road and other drivers and pedestrians to avoid dangerous collisions.”

“According to Alberta Transportation, over 85% of collisions involve a driver error. The most common driver errors identified in casualty collisions at intersections include left turns, stop sign violations and disobeying a traffic signal,” said Supt. Gary Graham, Alberta RCMP Traffic Services. “Intersection safety is a shared responsibility. Together, we have the ability to reduce the number of collisions and save lives.”

The Alberta RCMP will continue to work with Alberta Sheriffs and other law enforcement and safety partners to ensure Albertans make the right driving decisions. Follow our traffic safety tips on Facebook @RCMPinAlberta and Twitter @RCMPAlberta.

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