Alberta RCMP Introduces New Crime Prevention Calendar

Edmonton – Alberta RCMP is excited to introduce the newly developed Crime Prevention Calendar. The calendar will be used across Alberta for education and public outreach.

The calendar provides monthly themes that will inform our messaging, and partner messaging, throughout the year. Each month’s theme was chosen based on a combination of statistics, seasonality and public perception of issues.

The crime prevention theme for June is the safe storage of, and tips to protect, off-highway vehicles. With the beginning of summer and the end of school this month, Alberta RCMP urges citizens to be diligent in protecting these items.

Here are some tips for keeping your personal property safe:

·         Turn on outside lights at night

·         Install a timer for lights

·         Don’t leave keys in vehicles

·         Park recreational vehicles in locked garages or sheds

·         If you can’t park indoors, park recreational vehicles in sight and chained to something

·         Install surveillance cameras

·         Engrave items with your name or a serial number

·         Keep a detailed list of property including photos and serial numbers

·         Follow a nightly checklist to ensure everything is locked up

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Link to the Crime Prevention Calendar:éduction-de-la-criminalité/crime-prevention-calendar.htm