Alberta RCMP Alarm Policy Changes to Improve Efficiency

EDMONTON — Alberta RCMP is following a new policy: to verify alarms before responding, and to not respond to alarms that are only triggered once. The policy came into effect on July 13, 2018.

A review was conducted which shows most alarms that are only triggered once, are false alarms which ties up 911 lines and police resources. Last year, RCMP in Alberta received just under 15,500 false alarm calls which equates to nearly 8000 human resource hours that could have been dedicated to more urgent calls for service.

RCMP will still respond to ATM, multi-zone intrusion, panic, duress, holdup, glass break, domestic violence and verified alarms (which include any alarm at a school or financial institution during business hours).

“You can help us keep our 911 lines open and our officers free to respond to real emergencies,” says A/Commr. John Ferguson, Criminal Operations Officer CORE, “K” Division. “By cutting down on false alarms, we can ensure our officers are where they are needed most.”

Here are some tips to cut down on false alarms:

  • Proper placement of equipment so that debris/animals will not trigger alarms
  • Know your alarm codes
  • Secure all windows and doors
  • Replace batteries regularly
  • Report damaged or faulty equipment to the alarm company