Alberta PC Leadership Race Nearing Finish Line

There are only a few weeks left in the Alberta PC leadership race.

This election is using a new method of voting. It means a change from what we have been used to. This time voting will be online or by phone only.

You MUST become a member in advance, and the deadline is approaching.

To ensure you’re eligible to vote, purchase your membership by September 3rd at midnight.

Upon payment of your membership you will receive a PIN from the PC Party. These will arrive by early September via mail, email or text, depending on the method you chose. NOTE: Keep your PIN handy as you vote.

The Vote

Finally, the voting will open up for 36 straight hours at 6am on Friday, September 5th and close at 6pm on Saturday, September 6th.

The Candidates

Thomas Lukaszuk (

My education policy is about making classroom fairer. A Grade 12 diploma exam counts for 50% of a final mark, which means that a year’s work is not fairly counted. I think the balance should change. I think we can make our education system better in other ways as well.

This week, I will be in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, and Bonnyville. I’m also on stage and online, participating in the PC Youth debate on Thursday night. Monday, August 25 I’m speaking at the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. Tickets are available.

Thanks for all the time and energy you are putting into this campaign. I appreciate that it’s summer, and you could choose to do other things. Whether you’re phoning, selling memberships, or thinking really carefully about how to vote, it’s all supports the PC cause. And for that, it’s only fair to say thanks.

Ric McIver (

When we talk to people about being a PC Alberta member, we share our values and beliefs and build up the party – one $10 membership at a time. I believe giving away memberships devalues our party.

I fully believe in democracy, and in a free and open party. We are a “big tent” party, with bigger ideas and ideals. You can check out my concrete proposals to improve our party if elected as leader of PC Alberta and Premier next month.

Last week, I committed to shelve Bill 9 and Bill 10, public sector pension reform, until I ensure we have gotten the consultation process right. I also announced my social policy and my commitment to reverse the decision to move residents out of Red Deer’s Michener Centre. I believe a promise made needs to be a promise kept.
Please let me know your concerns and thoughts at

Jim Prentice (

All across Alberta, I’m hearing that it is time for good government. With recent events this message is clearer than ever.

I’ve focused on 5 priorities because the leader of our party will be the Premier of the Alberta.
But I am also focused on rebuilding the PC Party and reconnecting Albertans with the principles on which our Party was built.

I am a proud Progressive Conservative and have been since my youth.

Sign up through and I’ll ensure you have the information you need to vote on September 5th/6th.
The summer is slipping by, so don’t leave it too long! You can make a difference.