Alberta Party Sets Policy

Priorities include the economy, K-12 Education, Post-Secondary Education and Human Rights.

HIGH RIVER, AB – The Alberta Party is among the smaller parties in provincial politics, but they aren’t shying away from the tough issues.

Alberta Party Candidate for Highwood Joel Windsor attended an Annual General Meeting and Policy Session on February 21 and 22 for the organization, and was proud of the results of that weekend.

“The Alberta Party set out priorities for a sustainable economy that is not built on the backs of the front-line workers,” said Windsor.

Among those policies was the decision to implement a progressive tax structure and a modest increase to the gas tax in Alberta instead of the current flat tax rate that exists or a health care premium or sales tax.

“If you make under $100,000 a year, there is no Alberta Tax Advantage for you,” said Windsor. “Alberta also has the lowest gas tax in Canada, and adjusting these two items in a fair way on their own would generate between $3 and $4 billion annually without cutting public sector wages.”

In his address to members, Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark also promised to fight wage rollbacks for teachers, nurses and public servants.

“The members of the party made a significant statement in also voting to get rid of the small business tax altogether,” said Windsor, adding it has been done in other jurisdictions like Manitoba with strong success.
In education, the party voted to reduce diploma exam weightings to 30% of a students’ final grade, improve the implementation of Student Learning Assessments (SLAs), reduce funding to private schools, and eliminate of school fees.

Providing strong, stable and sustainable funding to institutions with the aim of enabling students to enroll in post-secondary without “crippling debt loads” is a priority for the Alberta Party according to Clark.

“We will move Alberta’s post-secondary participation rate up from being the very lowest in Canada.”
The Alberta Party also addressed human rights policy that had recently been addressed by other parties as well. Clark recently took the PC Caucus to task during “Pink Shirt Day” on Wednesday during a video blog.

“You’ll have to forgive me if I’m a bit cynical and a bit angry when I see them wearing their pink shirts and happily tweeting away that they support anti-bullying, because any party that proposes and votes for Bill 10 can’t possibly support anti-bullying.”

Windsor called it a “shameful display”.

“The Alberta Party is the only party to pass a definitive human rights policy statement, and the only one to include the concept of gender identity,” said Windsor.

“It becomes our party’s anti-bullying policy just as much as our equality of rights policy.”

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