Alberta Party Opposition releases end of session highlights

By Meagan Wade

CALGARY, AB – Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark has released the following highlights of the Fall 2015 Session.

“I’m proud of our accomplishments this session, and I think that Albertans have seen us as a voice of reason in the house. We are the only party that chooses to propose ideas, not just oppose the government. I believe that opposition members should seek to contribute new ideas, and provide insight into what they themselves would do, rather than only providing criticism without contribution.

We released the Alberta Party Alternative Budget within 24 hours of the government’s budget. Our plan balances in three years while reducing taxes, and still investing in infrastructure.

We also released “Alberta’s Contribution”, the Alberta Party climate change strategy. Our plan, unlike the Government’s, proposes a truly revenue neutral carbon tax, one that is offset with cuts to personal and corporate income tax.

I am also proud to say that the Alberta Party stood up for rural Alberta in opposition to the undemocratic process used to impose Bill 6 on farmers and ranchers.  I firmly believe that it is better to carefully consult with stakeholders and take the time to craft a good bill, rather than write legislation and amend it later. The NDP failed to properly work with farmers and ranchers, and in doing so underestimated the impact of taking these individuals for granted.

We succeeded in having an amendment passed on Bill 5 to clarify how it applies to Municipalities. We also collaborated with the Official Opposition and the Government in order to pass an amendment clarifying how Bill 5 will apply to teachers, and supported Sandra Jansen’s amendment to include a review of the sunshine list legislation every four years.

On an issue of particular importance to myself and my constituents, I was able to advocate to the Minister of Municipal Affairs to call for floodway buyout properties to be resold once flood mitigation is in place.

Finally, I was able to ask a number of important questions in the house, and make a members statement on the importance of the work being done by not-for-profit organizations. You can find links to my questions on the substantial gap in the Budget, on the NDP’s Climate Change policy, and Infrastructure Sunshine Lists on our YouTube channel. 

No summary of this session would be complete without recognizing the tremendous contribution of Manmeet Singh Bhullar. His loss was devastating to all members of the House, and to all Albertans. His legacy is one of public service to his community, to Alberta and to the world. His words inspire me to be a better public servant:

“Make me more loving and compassionate, give more of myself in service, help me see the greatness embedded in all, and enjoy the moments along the way.”

This session has been one filled with contention, but also with moments of cooperation, compassion, and tireless effort to make this province a better place. Though we may not always agree, I think it important to remember that we are here to serve Albertans, and to seek to improve the lives of those who we were elected to serve. I hope this is a sentiment that we can all take to heart as we learn from this past session, and look towards the next.”

The Alberta Party