Alberta Party leader Greg Clark to visit Highwood

Alberta Party leader Greg Clark will join local candidate Joel Windsor in a Meet & Greet

Joel Windsor - Alberta Party
Joel Windsor

HIGH RIVER, AB – Alberta Party leader Greg Clark will be attending a Meet & Greet in High River on May 1, 2015 at 7:00 PM.

The Meet & Greet, organized by the Joel Windsor’s campaign, will provide Highwood residents with an opportunity to hear more about the Alberta Party.

“It was important for us to give Highwood residents a chance to hear about the Alberta Party principles for a better Alberta”, said Alberta Party candidate Joel Windsor.

Among the policies most recently announced by the Alberta Party is a plan to reduce the number of MLAs by 30%, funding education based on student population growth and inflation, and completing recovery from the 2013 Flood including DRP and area-specific flood mitigation.

“Greg was a flood victim similar to many High River residents. He has become a champion of flood recovery as a result,” said Windsor.

With the Alberta Party not being included in the leaders debate televised last week, this will be the best opportunity for residents of High River, Okotoks, Heritage Pointe and the M.D. of the Foothills to hear Clark speak publicly.

“Of course all politics is local, but hearing the leader can give a window into your local candidate,” said Windsor.

“Having Greg here will afford Highwood residents that opportunity.”

*The Meet and Greet will be at the Masonic Hall at 306 – 4th St SE in High River.