Alberta Parks: Geocaching

What is Geocaching?

  • In geocaching, you use a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver to locate a “geocache” – a hidden object, place or feature. Searching for, finding and placing geocaches is fun, exciting and rewarding. This family-friendly outdoor activity is a adventure every time you seek a new geocache!
  • has locations and GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude) for geocaches worldwide.
  • Geocache locations are hid by participants who post the GPS coordinates for others to go and seek. (See Guidelines for placing new geocaches in Alberta’s provincial parks.)
  • Check Geocaching 101 for more info.

Geocaching in Alberta Parks

  • There are currently almost 1,000 geocaches in parks across the province.
  • These geocaches are located in protected areas so special precautions need to be taken when searching for and placing geocaches.
  • Several parks offer interpretive and educational geocache programs for schools.
  • We also host special events and public interpretive programs that feature GPS/geocaching. You can even rent a GPS unit at Crimson Lake Provincial Park, Cypress Hills Provincial Park and Miquelon Lake Provincial Park.

Geocaching Etiquette

  • Geocaching happens in an outdoor setting. Take the same precautions you do when participating in other outdoor recreation activities like hiking. Check our Outdoor Safety page for more info.
  • Follow Alberta Parks Regulations.
  • Minimize impact to the location of the geocache. Stay on trails and avoid trampling vegetation or damaging the cache area.
  • Ensure that geocaches are respected and placed back in the exact location they are found. If the geocache is damaged or poses a danger to people or wildlife, please report it to Alberta Parks staff.

Geocache Programs Offered by Alberta Parks

Geocache the Corridor – David Thompson Corridor

  • Follow in the footprints of the explorers and adventurers of the David Thompson Corridor! Seek 10 geocaches in 10 provincial parks along Highway 11, west of Rocky Mountain House.
  • Each geocache will be located in a scenic, easily accessible location. It’ll contain interesting information about that park, a logbook and a unique stamp. (No trade items, please.)
  • Document your geocaching adventure by stamping your “Geocache the Corridor” passport at each geocache.
  • Spend a day, a weekend or the summer completing your passport.
  • Completed passports are eligible to win an Alberta Parks geocoin (while supplies last).
  • The launch of this program has been delayed until summer 2015. Thanks for your patience.

Other Geocache Public Programs

Geocache Educational Programs

Placement of Geocaches in Provincial Parks

  • Check our Guidelines for information on placing a geocache in a provincial park.