Alberta Liberals Release Visionary Platform

The Alberta Liberal 2015 platform is specifically designed for hard-working Alberta families. This visionary document has three key pillars: progressive issues, urban agenda and trusted leadership for all Albertans.


Problem: The gay-straight alliance issue has shown Albertans that Mr. Prentice dithers. Alberta Liberals had to drag the Prentice Conservatives over the line.

Solution: Albertans can count on Alberta Liberals to stand up on progressive issues:

  • Equal pay for work of equal value
  • Improving vaccination rates
  • Teaching sexual consent in school
  • Increasing legal aid funding
  • Protection for paid farm workers

Quote: “Albertans can’t trust the Prentice Conservatives on progressive issues,” says Liberal Leader David Swann. “Albertans can count on Liberals to be a strong voice on progressive issues.”


Problem: More than 80 per cent of Albertans live in urban areas, yet our municipal leaders do not have adequate funding to build our cities and towns.

Solution: Alberta Liberals recognize the unique needs of cities big and small and believe that thriving, properly financed municipalities benefit all Albertans:

Quote: “Alberta Liberals propose the strongest municipal agenda in Alberta’s history,” says David Swann. “Mr. Prentice seems quite happy to invest in golf courses while cities lack sustainable, predictable, and adequate funding.”


Problem: While the other parties are beholden to special interest groups – and have a hidden agenda – we represent all Albertans.

Solution: The Alberta Liberal Party proudly occupies the moderate and sensible centre:

Increase revenues $1,173.2 million

  • Better government: collect outstanding $1,645.0 million
  • Shrink deficit $1,422.0 million
  • Eliminate small business tax and health care levy
  • Cut taxes on Albertans earning less than $50,000
  • Adjust taxes on large corporations by a modest 2 per cent

Quote: “Elections are about choices. The choice shouldn’t be just parties on the far left or the far right,” says Liberal Leader David Swann. “The choice shouldn’t be a governing party that has become cynical, complacent, and (too often) corrupt. The choice is about trust. The choice is the Alberta Liberals – the party hard-working Alberta families can trust.”