Alberta Liberals Announce Most Comprehensive Arts & Culture Platform of ANY Party

By Jeremy Dutton, Alberta Liberal Party

Red Deer – David Swann introduced the most comprehensive arts and culture policy of any party.

“Even in these uncertain economic times, support for the Alberta creative community must continue,” says Alberta Liberal leader David Swann. “For every dollar invested in the arts, an estimated $12 of economic activity is created.”

Alberta Liberals believe that arts and culture — museums and art galleries, book publishing to live theatre, film and television production to recorded and live music — are not a frill, but an essential part of living in this great province.

“While the other parties have neglected the creative community, the Alberta Liberal Party is proud to announce the most comprehensive arts and culture policy of any party in Alberta,” said Liberal Red Deer North Candidate Michael Dawe.

No party in Alberta — not the NDP, not the PCs, and certainly not the Wildrose — have shown a greater commitment to the creative community than the Alberta Liberals.

“The creative community is a job creator worth hundreds of millions of dollars to our economy, and it deserves our attention as much as any other industry in this province,” Swann says.

The Liberal Plan:

• DOUBLE Alberta Foundation for the Arts funding from $26.5M to $53M

• Show leadership in fostering and sustaining a First Nations’ arts community: $5M

Swann praised Edmonton-Centre Alberta Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman for her unwavering support for the creative community.

“Arts and culture in this province has no greater friend in the Legislature than Laurie Blakeman,” Swann said of the Edmonton-Centre MLA, who has championed the creative community throughout her political career.