Alberta Liberal Party: We Can Get Through This Together

David Khan, Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party

On behalf of the Alberta Liberal Party, I hope you are all staying well during these extremely difficult times. Albertans are facing an unprecedented global crisis. The entire world will be impacted for months and possibly years.

It’s vital that we do all we can to stay healthy during this pandemic. We must also reach out to help others with their challenges. Please follow the advice to wash your hands frequently and maintain social distancing. Look out for one another, especially the elderly and more vulnerable members of our society. 

Visit the Alberta Government’s website on COVID-19 for information and updates.

COVID-19 presents a serious public policy crisis for all Albertans. There are significant implications for health care, the economy, labour rights and the future structuring of our social services. 

It’s most important we heed the expert advice of public health officials, health care workers and our elected representatives. They have the most current and accurate information. They are committed to making the necessary and difficult decisions that will benefit all of us. 

I am urging all political parties and all levels of government to work cooperatively and respectfully. United we can effectively manage the immense challenges we are facing across Alberta and throughout Canada. 

We can get through this together. Stay safe.

~ Dave