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Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan Criticizes Saudi Arabia on Trade and Human Rights

Alberta Liberal Leader David Khan has issued the following statement on the Saudi Arabia issue:

“I support our Federal Government with their courageous commitment to human rights. Canada must remain a passionate advocate for the fundamental freedoms of all people around the world.

“We may pay an economic cost for taking this bold, principled stand. We should not back down. Instead, we should back up our position while also boosting our own economy.

“Alberta Liberals urge Canada to reduce crude oil imports from Saudi Arabia. Those oil imports account for over 10% of our domestic needs.

“The Federal Government should also begin new talks to advance the Energy East Pipeline and replace foreign oil imports in eastern Canada from a country with a reprehensible record of human rights abuses.

“Alberta crude is cleaner and more ethical. Quebec and the Maritimes need our oil. Canada needs the jobs created by the pipeline project.

“Canada would increase its energy independence, and send a strong message to the Saudi Government. Let’s do what’s smart. Let’s do what’s right. Let’s show leadership.”

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