Alberta Jobs Plan Supports Businesses and Encourages Investment to Create Jobs

The Alberta Jobs Plan supports a $75 million Capital Investment Tax Credit (CITC) to encourage investment and support job creation as part of Budget 2016.

26560085575_52b806b9f3_b“Large-scale capital investments in our province don’t just spur job creation, they also create spin-off economic benefits in communities throughout Alberta. This tax credit will help boost investor confidence and attract the investment Alberta needs now.”

Deron Bilous, Minister of Economic Development and Trade

The proposed CITC will encourage companies to make timely capital investments by returning a percentage of the company’s costs, including the purchase of machinery, equipment and buildings.

The two-year program will be implemented as a 10 per cent non-refundable tax credit of up to $5 million.

The CITC will also help make Alberta more competitive with neighbouring jurisdictions already offering similar incentives. The tax credit is expected to generate $700 million worth of investment and support thousands of direct and indirect jobs in Alberta.

“The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction supports the efforts of the Government of Alberta to enhance the competitiveness and productivity of Alberta companies through this capital investment program. Our members share the government’s priorities of generating employment and pursuing economic diversification for the benefit of Albertans.”

Neil Kaarsemaker, Regional Manager, Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canadian Institute of Steel Construction

Program design, implementation and application details will be shared publicly once finalized. The CITC is expected to come into effect early in 2017.