Alberta Increases Support for Foster and Kinship Caregivers

The Alberta government is supporting foster and kinship care families with a 2.1 per cent cost of living increase and one day of respite care per child per month.

Increased financial support will help these caregivers continue providing high quality care to children and youth, and an automatic day of respite each month ensures caregivers receive time off from the important work they do.

“We’re thankful for the tireless work that foster parents and kinship caregivers do every day to care and support children and youth all across the province. It’s important that we make sure to provide them with the resources they need to continue doing this valuable work.”

~ Heather Klimchuk, Minister of Human Services

Foster and kinship caregivers are key members of a team dedicated to helping children, youth and families. They receive training, financial compensation and support to mentor and support birth parents, help children achieve success in school and work with youth as they transition to independence.

“Foster parents are there for children who may be facing some of the most difficult and challenging circumstances of their lives. Their dedication to Alberta’s children and youth is commendable and we are committed to supporting the work they do.”

~ Norm Brownell, President, Alberta Foster Parent Association

The rate increase is negotiated annually with the Alberta Foster Parents’ Association. The negotiated increase to per diem basic maintenance rates reflects a cost of living adjustment retroactive to April 1, 2014. The rate increase is included in Human Services’ 2014-15 annual operating budget.

In Alberta, there are approximately 2,044 foster homes with 3,894 children placed in them and 1,540 kinship homes with 1,703 children placed in them. Recruitment of new foster parents and other caregivers is ongoing.

Albertans interested in or who have questions about becoming a foster parent can contact their local Child and Family Services Authority or Delegated First Nations Agency.