Alberta Green Party Leadership Race Starts with a Question

Our Leadership Candidates Speak:  Read their answers to question 1

The following is the first question posed to the three candidates for leadership of the Green Party of Alberta in the lead up to the September 22nd vote by members to decide the leadership.

“At this point the 2019 election is shaping up to be a two-way race between the NDs and the UCP.  What is the most effective approach Greens can take to convey to voters the necessity of electing some Greens to the Legislature?”

The answers from the three candidates are given below in the order in which they were received.  A strict 150 word limit was imposed.  There will be four more questions — one per week, for the next four weeks.

Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes:

The GPA can change the current discussion in this province and reframe the current focus on pipelines, profit and power.  We can shift the focus to people, what they need to live a good life: clean water, a home, an education, enough to live on.  Let’s get people out to vote, especially those who don’t vote.  Why don’t they vote?  They feel powerless: “What difference can one vote make?” We can empower those people and plant seeds of possibility in the minds of 25-50% of eligible voters who don’t go to the polls.  This is an untapped resource, a possible groundswell of support! Let’s empower the people to unite to make this province a better place to live, with ‘enough’ for all Albertans: enough food, water, housing, health care, mental health support, government services and real help.  Heck, we might even sway some NDs and UCPs!

Matt Levicki:

The two political parties mentioned (NDP/UCP) are captured by oil’s deep   state corporatocracy. Any conservative related party has been for decades and the NDP were captured in 2015 after finding power.

An effective approach for the Green Party of Alberta is to demand   observer status at energy negotiations between Canada and China   concerning pipelines. Increasing exports from our province through British   Columbia is jeopardizing energy security.

The Green Party of Alberta will “Think Like Owners” and remain loyal to public good by keeping a science based planet saving motivation resistant to oil’s deep state pressure to conform.

The necessity of electing Green Party candidates is to end oil’s deep state   corporatocracy, reclaim our institutions and make it more obvious the oil is   owned by the people of Alberta. By thinking like owners, the Green Party and Albertans will accept major responsibility of government to control resource development.

Brian Deheer:

I would present a message of hope in the face of fear.  Other parties are using fear tactics to spread division and gain votes.  We will work collaboratively towards comprehensive solutions that will help provide a safer environment, a more stable future and a stronger economy.

We need to get the Green message out.  Other parties are adopting our messages to gain votes.  Whether we win seats this time or not, our voters make an impact.  “Every Green vote sends an important message!”

I think our party has some work to do before being positioned to win seats.  In this election we should try to field as many strong, respected candidates as possible.  Longer-term, I would focus on building up the party’s organization: our structures, voter database, membership, and riding associations.

I’m encouraged by the growing support for Greens across Canada and worldwide.

The Green Party of Alberta stands with the vast majority of Albertans in supporting strong, publicly-funded institutions to provide excellent education, health-care and open, fully-accountable government.

Source: Green Party of Alberta