Alberta Gets Another Failing Grade on Red-Tape Reduction

Alberta Gets Another Failing Grade on Red-Tape Reduction

EDMONTON, AB: Today, the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB) gave the NDP yet another failing grade in its annual Red Tape Report Card for “failing to support any comprehensive strategy for measuring, reporting or controlling the regulatory burden” in Alberta.

“The NDP is completely out of touch with how its changes are negatively impacting Alberta’s small and medium-sized businesses,” said United Conservative Finance Critic Drew Barnes. “While refusing to listen to Alberta’s job-creators, the Government has repeatedly punished entrepreneurs for daring to build successful and profitable businesses, resulting in the loss of thousands of good, mortgage-paying jobs. A few years ago, who would have imagined that Alberta would be at the bottom of the pack while Quebec would score an ‘A’ on red tape reduction?”

Last fall, the NDP used its majority in the Legislature to vote down a common-sense Private Members’ Bill from United Conservative MLA Grant Hunter aimed at red tape reduction. Bill 207, the Regulatory Burden Reduction Act proposed to eliminate one or more regulations for every new one created by government, helping to reduce the approximately $1.4 billion that unnecessary red tape costs Alberta job-creators annually.

“Reducing the regulatory burden across all industry sectors will have a positive impact on the overall health of our economy,” said Hunter. “The NDP had a golden opportunity with Bill 207 to demonstrate its commitment to attracting investment, growing our economy, and supporting Alberta entrepreneurs. Instead, they seem intent on ignoring advice from job-creators. The United Conservatives will continue advancing smart, common-sense ideas aimed at strengthening Alberta’s economy, creating jobs, and restoring the Alberta Advantage.”