Alberta Forest Industry Congratulates Minister Carlier


Edmonton – The membership of the Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) congratulates Oneil Carlier on his appointment as Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development. As a steward of Alberta’s forests, the forest industry looks forward to working with Minister Carlier to manage the landscape and grow Alberta’s economy in a sustainable way.

Craig Armstrong, Chair of the AFPA, congratulated Minister Carlier and expressed the industry’s desire to continue to work closely with Alberta’s government to manage our forests sustainably. “Our industry has operated in Alberta’s forests for several generations. We are able to do that because we manage the forest on a long-term planning horizon and put ecological values like wildlife habitat, water, and forest health at the forefront of our planning processes. I’m looking forward to continuing our relationship with the Government of Alberta.”

Paul Whittaker, President and CEO of the AFPA, noted that the forest industry has a large impact on Alberta’s economy. “There are over 13,000 Albertans who work directly in the industry and thousands more who benefit from the economic activity that we generate. During the recent economic downturn the industry has continued to grow and help to diversify Alberta’s economy. All of this is possible because we have a strong partnership with government to manage our forests sustainably.”

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The Alberta Forest Products Association is a private, non-profit industry organization, representing lumber, panelboard, pulp and paper, and secondary manufacturing wood products companies operating in Alberta. AFPA member companies are active participants in sustainability advancements that contribute economic, environmental, and social benefits for Albertans.