Alberta Fire Bans Go Mobile

Alberta Fire Bans Go Mobile

The Alberta government has released a mobile fire ban app so people across the province can be aware of the wildfire risk.

Minister Carlier demonstrates new wildfire app ready for download.


The new app, available for Android and Apple devices, will give people mobile access to see where there are fire bans, restrictions and advisories to help plan their camping and recreational experiences.

Keeping people informed of fire bans will help them plan their summer activities safely, whether in their backyards or in Alberta’s parks and natural areas.

“It is vital that Albertans be aware of any bans or restrictions throughout the province if they intend to enjoy our beautiful backcountry. This mobile app gives Albertans another way to help prevent human-caused wildfires and keep our firefighters free to fight other wildfires that may occur.”

~Oneil Carlier, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Springtime can have a high wildfire danger rating because dry grass and leaves can provide fuel before new growth begins. Fire bans also occur throughout the warmer summer months depending on weather and moisture conditions. It’s always wise to check for Alberta fire bans before you enjoy the outdoors.

Quick facts about Alberta’s wildfire season

  • Since March 1, there have been 274 wildfires in Alberta’s Forest Protection Area.
  • Of those fires, 99 per cent were human-caused and entirely preventable.
  • As of May 15, there were 88 fire bans and fire advisories across the province.

If you see a wildfire, report it at 310-FIRE (3473).