Alberta Campus Newspapers The Gauntlet and The Gateway Win “Johnnie” Awards by the Canadian University Press

Alberta Campus Newspapers The Gauntlet and The Gateway Win “Johnnie” Awards by the Canadian University Press


Winners were announced for the John H. McDonald (the “Johnnies) awards celebrating excellence in student journalism at campus newspapers across Canada in Toronto on January 9, 2016. The annual awards, administered by the Canadian University Press, are open to any students whose work has been published in a CUP student publication at post-secondary institutions in Canada. The University of Calgary and the University of Alberta student newspapers were singled out. 


Arts & Culture:

Jonathan Caragay-Cook, “It’s Not a Fluke,” The Link
Cameron Lewis, “Theo Fleury’s new book chronicles his rise from traumatic childhood,” The Gateway
WINNER: Alex Migdal, “’Smize!’: HUB Photo owner puts joy in customers’ eyes,” The Gateway


Alex Elcombe, “Trans[itioning] and the university,” The Strand
Kate Jacobson, “Gender-inclusive washroom create safe space on campus,” The Gauntlet
WINNER: Evan Murdryk, “My beautiful dark twisted road to recovery,” The Gateway


Jonah Brunet, “The long way home,” The Eyeopener
Scott Strasser, “CUTCO Collegiate: Direct Sales at the University of Calgary,” The Gauntlet
WINNER: Nathalie Laflamme, “Helping student veterans succeed and survive,” The Concordian


WINNER: Kodi Cherrille, “UFV to become purely conceptual,” The Cascade
Andy Rice, “A day in the life,” Capilano Courier
Sara Truuvert, “How much do you know about the waist-touch disorder (W-TD)?,” The Strand


Alex Murray & Holly Kalyniuk, “International students at BU exploited,” The Quill
WINNER: Arno Rosenfeld, “House of Cards: Dozens of UBC buildings liable to collapse in quake,” The Ubyssey
Laura Woodward, “Two-ply toilet paper creates two-tiered Ryerson,” The Eyeopener


WINNER: Vanessa Broadbent & Alex Rake, “Sessional instructors on the fringes of UFV priorities, despite impact in classrooms,” The Cascade
Laura Howells, “’Most students couldn’t afford to live on what we make’: The grim reality of MUN’s contractual faculty,” The Muse
Emma McPhee, “Part-time profs beyond the classroom,” The Brunswickan


Joshua Azizi, “Campus safety groups won’t escort overly drunk people home,” The Ubyssey
Fabian Mayer, “U of C student discusses online shaming after deleted tweets end federal campaign,” The Gauntlet
WINNER: Tyler Stuart, “Mansbridge denies support for Riley Thompson campaign,” The Argosy


The Cascade Editorial Board, “Recording bans errs on the side of secrecy”
Fabian Mayer, “City council waited too long to legislate ridesharing services,” The Gauntlet
WINNER: Sean Willett, “U of C’s corporate branding is for investors, not students,” The Gauntlet


Stephanie Lai, “Ontario bans smoking on patios,” Interrobang
WINNER Fabian Mayer, “How the NDP toppled a 44-year PC dynasty,” The Gauntlet
Jamie Sarkonak, “Record number of AB female MLAs: University of Alberta professor comments on the NDP’s elected female members,” The Gateway


WINNER Devin Jones, “Mitch Gallant,” The Eyeopener
Olamid Olaniyan, “The UBC Quidditch Team isn’t joking around,” The Ubyssey
Caz Spidell & Andres Fuentes, “Varsity recruiting rights and wrongs,” Imprint


Cover of the Year:

Nick Adams, “The Freedom to Research,” The Ubyssey
Alex Bailey, “#MANIFENCOURS,” The Link
WINNER: Kosta Prodanovic/Aiken Lao, “House of Cards,” The Ubyssey


WINNER: Christian Fowlie, “What If I Leave This Town,” Capilano Courier
Laura Lalonde, “Map of both Concordia campuses,” The Link
Cam Welch, “Seasons in Review,” The Phoenix


Marta Kierkus, “A Frosty Day at UOttawa,” The Fulcrum
Aiken Lao, “First Year Guide to UBC,” The Ubyssey
WINNER: Lenore Ramirez, “Free the nipple,” Imprint


WINNER: Ursula Chen, “Bearing Canada’s unmentionable art,” Imprint
Christy Lum, “Once a president, always a president,” The Peak
Amanda Watkins, “Settling the score,” The Silhouette

Photo of the Year:

Alex Bailey, “Tear gas takes over downtown May Day protests,” The Link
Will Huang, “Waterloo Buskers,” The Cord
WINNER: Andrej Ivanov, “Student protest turns violent,” The Concordian


Social Media (paper award):

WINNER: The Brunswickan
The Cord
The Silhouette


WINNER: Eric Gonzalez, “Gauntlet on Location — UofC Gun Club,” The Gauntlet
Sean McCullum & Johnny Cullen, “Sexual Assault at UNB — Special Report,” The Brunswickan
Paige Smith, “Rowing at SFU,” The Peak

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