Alberta Beef Producers Continue to Support Grassland Programming

Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation is pleased to share that Alberta Beef Producers has generously agreed to support our Discover and Explore Grasslands Programs for a second year in a row. Our Grasslands Programming offers in-school and field trip opportunities to teach children about grassland ecosystems and the role that cattle play in managing our landscape. Through hands-on exploration, students discover the secrets hidden within Alberta’s grassland and leave armed with a completed workbook and the knowledge to act as stewards for our grasslands. Our half-day field trip program is geared towards Grade 4 students and we are currently developing the program to meet Junior High curriculum standards.

Demand for our Grassland Programming continues to grow and we are thankful for the support of Alberta Beef Producers!
To learn more about our educational programming, please call 403-851-9053.

Source: Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation