Alberta Arming Communities to Fight Climate Change

The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support local energy efficiency initiatives are getting a boost from the Alberta government.

The Centre is a one-stop shop that provides tools and resources to help Alberta municipalities through education, technical assistance and expertise, best practices, policy review and rebates to help municipalities retrofit their buildings.

Since 2009, the Action Centre has supported $4.2 million in municipal energy efficiency retrofit projects in 54 buildings throughout the province as part of its Taking Action to Manage Energy (TAME) Buildings Initiative. This will result in a reduction of 2,500 tonnes greenhouse gas emissions per year.

“Municipalities are important leaders and partners in advancing Alberta’s efforts to address climate change. This funding will ensure municipalities can continue to curb greenhouse gases.”

~ Kyle Fawcett, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

“The Action Centre’s programs have enabled municipalities across Alberta to implement changes that will decrease their greenhouse gas emissions and improve the energy efficiency of their operations. These changes have reduced operating costs for municipal buildings and increased awareness of the importance of climate change initiatives.”

~ Gerald Rhodes, Executive Director, Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties

“The Action Centre has been an invaluable resource for Alberta’s municipalities, enabling them to enhance their sustainability by increasing energy efficiency and achieving measurable greenhouse gas reductions. AUMA greatly values the Alberta government’s continued support of the Action Centre, and we look forward to our ongoing partnership to facilitate climate action at the local level.”

~ John McGowan, Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association

The new $2 million grant comes from the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund and will be used for the operation of the Centre and to support implementing locally-driven initiatives. The Alberta government also provided $2 million to help establish the Centre in 2009.