Alberta and the Northwest Territories Announce Bilateral Water Management Agreement


Alberta and the Northwest Territories have signed an agreement to protect the integrity of water flowing downstream from Alberta to the Northwest Territories.

Mackenzie-basin-mapThe Alberta-Northwest Territories bilateral water management agreement commits both governments to co-operatively manage water resources. The agreement focuses on aquatic ecosystems in the Mackenzie River Basin, the longest and largest river system in Canada.

“Water is a vital resource that knows no boundaries. We are committed to ensuring Albertans and our neighbours in the Northwest Territories have access to a healthy and sustainable water supply, now and in the future.”

Jim Prentice, Premier of Alberta

The agreement will help ensure water management plans take an adaptive management approach that determines what actions should be taken and when based on scientific monitoring. It will also respect the jurisdiction of governments and ensure water is collaboratively managed for the benefit of the environment, people and the economy.

“Sustaining and protecting the environment is a critical part of our government’s balanced approach to creating jobs and economic opportunities through responsible development. We welcome Alberta’s partnership and shared commitment to a healthy environment supporting healthy, prosperous people.”

Bob McLeod, Premier of the Northwest Territories

“We all share the responsibility of ensuring that our water supply remains healthy, secure and sustainable. Alberta and the Northwest Territories are committed to working together to ensure that our shared water resources are protected.”

Kyle Fawcett, Alberta Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

“Today’s agreement is a historic first that incorporates many best practices in water management and includes the input of Northwest Territories Aboriginal governments, who were integral to informing our objectives and approach to negotiations. We worked hard on it with Alberta and look forward to using it as a foundation for future bilateral agreements under the Master Agreement.”

J. Michael Miltenberger, Northwest Territories Minister of Environment and Natural Resources

The Alberta-Northwest Territories Bilateral Water Agreement supports the Mackenzie River Basin Transboundary Waters Master Agreement, Alberta’s Water Conversation theme of managing industrial water use, and the Northwest Territories Water Strategy.

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