Alberta and Ontario Premiers Discuss Economy, Energy and Environment


CZVdn-nVIAE2-sHPremier Rachel Notley and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne met Friday in Toronto to discuss issues important to the future prosperity of both provinces.

The meeting focused on climate change, the upcoming First Ministers’ Meeting and infrastructure, including Energy East.

“I have said all along that we need to balance what must be done to address climate change and protect our environment and the development of our energy resources. That is why the Canadian Energy Strategy is so important. Alberta’s new climate plan – in particular the cap on emissions from the oil sands – makes the national conversation about climate targets and pipelines easier. We appreciate that there is a need for a way to get Canadian oil, which is allowed under Alberta’s new emission cap to overseas markets. And the people of Ontario care a great deal about the national economy and the potential jobs this proposed pipeline project could create in our province and across the country.”

Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario

“It is time for all Canadians to recognize and appreciate the climate leadership we’ve seen here in Ontario. This province acted decisively to reduce its own emissions by phasing out coal. There was a cost to ensuring that Ontario has a clean and reliable electricity system, but there are also huge savings from clean air. Ontario is continuing to lead with the cap and trade program it will be phasing in shortly. Our two provinces are pursuing the same goals – we are working for sustainable prosperity and real action on climate change. Canada’s natural resources can be part of ‘sustainable prosperity’ – and that is part of what we spoke about today.”

Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta

The two premiers also discussed the national inquiry on missing and murdered Indigenous women and the importance of continued engagement to promote strong, green, diversified economies.