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Airdrie RCMP – Policing During the Pandemic

Airdrie, Alta – Airdrie RCMP Municipal Employee Morgan Magee needed to get creative last week when trying to assist an elderly gentleman. 

The man needed to provide proof of life to ensure his benefits continued. In order to do this, normally you would have to attend the detachment in person. However, he lived in a Senior’s Home and due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, if he attended the detachment he would have to self isolate in his room for 14 days. 

Morgan and a few co-workers brain stormed and a decision was made for the man to Skype the detachment. By doing this, it ensured he would not have to self isolate and could carry on with his daily routine.   

This is just another example of everyone working together to help others during these trying times. Great work team!

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