Airbnbs in Foothills County

Airbnbs in Foothills County

By Suzanne Oel, Reeve Foothills County

Airbnb type rental agreements are currently not permitted by Foothills County and contravene the Land Use Bylaw. Our Land Use Bylaw allows for Bed & Breakfast and Secondary Suite developments, but not this short-term, usually whole-house rental aspect.

At our Council Meeting on January 8, we discussed the matter as many Airbnb’s are open for business here. While some are quietly operating, some are experiencing enforcement due to complaints. Resident opinion varies and can be strongly in favour or opposed.

In the interest of discussing this current trend and how it may play out here in Foothills County, our council asked for administration to investigate how short-term rentals could be regulated by the municipality. This matter may be highly contentious among neighbours, so we will gather more information and decide if this will get onto our staff action list and then eventually lead to public consultation, or not move forward at all.