AHS Wellness Weekly News: Shift to Healthy Eating at Work


March is Nutrition Month

Did you know that employees spend about 60 per cent of their waking hours at work and eat at least one meal while on shift? This means that making healthy food and drink choices at work can have an impact on our health and energy levels.

March is Nutrition Month! This year Alberta Health Services dietitians are sharing tips on how to Shift to Healthy Eating at Work.

Fueling for your Workday

  • Kick start your day with a nutrition packed meal such as: low fat yogurt, fruit and a oatmeal
  • Energize your day with a healthy mid-shift meal. Have a wrap or sandwiches paired with veggies.
  • If eating out, choose restaurants that offer healthy choices. Downsize large portions by packing half to bring home for later or split an entrée with a co-worker.

Rethink your Drink

  • Keeping well hydrated will help you stay alert. If you find water “boring,” try flavouring it with lemon, cucumber or fresh mint.
  • Limit sugary drinks such as regular pop, sports drinks, and sweetened hot drinks such as hot chocolate or slushy drinks.

Survive the Mid-Shift Slump

The mid-shift slump is often caused by the body’s internal clock sending signals which cause drowsiness at night and during the mid-afternoon. Healthy habits can help keep you energized throughout your shift.

  • Don’t skip meals.
  • Choose healthy foods, including protein (lean meats or nut butters) at meals and breaks.
  • During your break, go for a brisk 10 minute walk or longer if possible.
  • Connect with others. Chat with a co-worker also on break.
  • Opt for a walking meeting, when possible.

The food and drink choices you make while at work play a major role in maintaining your health and energy levels.

For more ways to Shift to Healthy Eating at Work visit: healthyeatingstartshere.ca.