AHS Weekly Wellness: Your Doctor Wants to Know Your Story

In rural Alberta, people look out for each other. Your neighbours know your story. They celebrate success beside you and recognize when you need a hand. Your family doctor or regular healthcare provider can be that same support for your health.

Having an ongoing, trusting relationship with your family doctor or nurse practitioner helps them get to know you and your family. When they know your story, your provider and their team can help you stay healthy and connect you to the right care if you need a little extra support.

Your family physician or nurse practitioner and their team will be your medical home your home base for health through different stages in your life.

Stay connected to your medical home with these tips:

  • Visit your regular family doctor or nurse practitioner when you have a health-related concern or question

  • If your regular provider is unavailable, seek care from other members of the team or clinic who will then share information with your regular provider

  • If you need urgent medical attention from the emergency department, follow-up with your family doctor to continue any communication or treatment given in the emergency department

  • If your medical status changes, book an appointment with your medical home. They will help manage any changes and treatments that may be needed to help you get as healthy as possible quickly

Don’t have a family doctor? Two ways to find one:

  • Call Health Link at 811

  • Visit albertafindadoctor.ca to search online for a family doctor accepting new patients near you