AHS Weekly Wellness: World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: June 15

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is every year on June 15. Drawing awareness about the abuse elders face can help the abuse end.

Elder abuse can take many forms and affect any older adult, regardless of their background, health or heritage. Theft or financial control is the most common form of elder abuse but it can also be emotional, psychological, physical, sexual or neglect.

Learn the signs, break the silence

Some signs that could show up are unexplained injuries, changes in mood, changes in behaviour or physical status. Other possible signs could include changes in weight or appetite, hygiene or increased visits to the doctor or hospital.

Education is a big part of preventing elder abuse. The more families, friends and communities know about the signs of elder abuse, the more support can be provided and gives people the confidence to speak up if they fall victim to such abuse.